The portal of Cervinia, Valtournenche
Antey and Torgnon!


It is the first town in the Valtournenche, 20 km from Breuil-Cervinia and about 15 from Châtillon following the stream of river Marmore.
This town is a major tourist area at 1074 m als and a popular destination thanks to its proximity to the ski resorts of Torgnon, Chamois, Valtournenche
and Cervinia as well as being sunny and protected from the wind. Its microclimate makes it a nice holiday destination.
The landscape consists of vast grasslands dominated by coniferous forests, where, during the winter, various rings totaling approximately 15km are prepared so
you can enjoy nordic skiing.
From Antey, you can enjoy a particularly attractive angle on the Cervino whose magnificent might means that it gives the impression of being wedged
between the valley walls, a vision that as early as the XIX century impressed on the imagination of adventurous travellers.


The City of Torgnon part of Valtournenche, the ancient valley Tornenchia hence the name, consists of twenty-two small villages spread over a large and sunny terrace moraine between 800 and 3,320 meters above sea level.
Thanks to its favorable exposure to the sun and the local climate, make this town a healthy and popular with holidaymakers both summer and winter.
During the summer season you can take excursions, mountain biking and horseback riding.
It is not uncommon along the higher paths, encounter chamois, ibex and marmots and find Edelweiss.
Reaching Chantorné at 1,765 meters, in a beautiful pine forest, there is an equipped picnic area.
The ski area is fairly large, could also offer opportunities to demanding skiers rising up to 2100 meters, with over 20 km of slopes served by a cablecar, a lift, 2 chairlifts and 2 tapis roulant within the kid's Winter Park.
The tracks for cross-country skiing allows you to choose routes of varying lengths, from 2 to 30 km and is one of the longest and most picturesque in the valley, they pass through a dense forest of conifers and lead to some very beautiful views, from which appreciate the majestic Matterhorn.