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Winter Sport

Ice Waterfalls

The thrill of scaling the walls of glass, often real works of art in nature.
Sensitivity, precision, lightness, strength, all the qualities needed to be applied to ice climbing in Valle d'Aosta.
Day trips or days in a row, basic or advanced courses.

Mountain Bike

Since summer 2010, Breuil-Cervinia has important news about the world of two wheels: the inauguration of two mountain bike downhill tracks.
The resort, which hosted for 6 consecutive years the international competition downhill of mountain-bike called "Maxiavalanche, decided it was time to devote himself heart and soul to this sport that promises great excitement to everybody.
The longest, which presents itself as the flagship, will start from 2900 meters of Cime Bianche lakes to reach, after an interminable serpent, the cable car to Breuil-Cervinia. Along the way, the track is equipped with a lot of maintenance and treated wood walkways, to maintain as much as possible the typical characteristics of the land crossed, allowing the bikers to enjoy that of breathtaking scenery. To also preserve the presence of natural barriers that characterize the area of absolute "mountain."
The second route, defined "free ride" will stretch on a path known to the general population of visitors to Cervinia, as "maxiavalanche" as is achieved by exploiting the known race track, Working the land in different places of the mythical downhill track, descent riding on mountain bikes is so smooth and brisk.
A particularly close connection, will be devoted to the signs of the slopes, with the creation of separate sheets at the start of the traces, which will be indicating the key aspects, to ensure users of the paths a degree of security.


Breuil-Cervinia, (2050m) moderna stazione turistica ai piedi del Cervino, offre un comprensorio sciistico imponente.
Nello scenario del "più nobile scoglio d'Europa", si diramano 130 km di piste collegate con Valtournenche per un totale di 27 impianti e un collegamento internazionale con Zermatt, tramite la funivia Cime Bianche Laghi - Plateau Rosà e la seggiovia Bontadini per un totale di 350 km di piste garantito da 59 impianti complessivi per una portata oraraia complessiva di 78.782 persone. Da Plateau Rosa si può scendere verso Zermatt, o imboccare la pista del Ventina: 11 km di discesa dai 3480m della partenza ai 2050m di Cervinia. L'area di Cime Bianche Laghi (da dove parte la funivia 140 posti per il Plateau Rosa) offre altre bellissime discese servite dalla Goillet che é la porta d'accesso per il comprensorio della Valtournenche. Il domaine del Carosello presenta percorsi tra i pini che fanno riferimento alla seggiovia di Cieloalto. Per uno sci in tutto relax a Plan-Maison si diramano comodi impianti (tra i quali le seggiovie quadriposto con la cupola di protezione di Plan Maison, Fornet e Bontadini) che servono piste, collegate anche con Plateau Rosa, per tutti i gusti e tutti i livelli. Con un collegamento sci ai piedi da Plan Maison si può arrivare sino a Breuil-Cervinia paese e sfruttare il comprensorio del Crétaz. Affacciata sul Cervino, Valtournenche (1520 m), capoluogo storico della Valle del Cervino, si collega attraverso il colle delle Cime Bianche alle piste di Breuil-Cervinia e Zermatt. Il comprensorio di Valtournenche si snoda attraverso 35 km di piste che raggiungono i 3085 m di quota. Il domaine skiable, offre piste sia per principianti che per sciatori esperti, è raggiungibile attraverso una telecabina 12 posti (portata ora 2400 persone) in partenza dal paese. Gli impianti permettono di sciare lungo oltre 1500m di dislivello.

Cross Country Track

178 guides make the reference to the Aosta Valley ski touring.
Ski mountaineering is a sport that originated in the Alps towards the end of the twentieth century. As the name suggests, it is a discipline that combines
characteristics of alpine skiing with others derived from climbing. With the advent of ski mountaineering, hikers have access to areas closed because
of too many environmental obstacles. Even this activity, like other winter sports, has seen in recent years, a growing number of fans.
Ski mountaineering allows you to move in a mountain enviroment, or at least at high altitudes, using specific anti-slip (skins) clamps to allow step by step climb or off tracks downhill.

Alpine Ski

The path of 3 km, surrounded by mountains Grandes Murailles and the Matterhorn in the background is varied and suitable for both beginners and experts.
Thanks to high altitude (2,050 meters), the slope of Breuil Cervinia is open all winter with natural snow. It 'easy to reach the entrance to the city, adjacent to ample parking.
Skiers can take advantage of multi-day ski pass for six days (for the area of Breuil-Cervinia), or you can have free access to both locations (Cervinia Valtournenche Champlève).
Informazioni: Sci Club Cervino Valtournenche Tel. e Fax +39 0166.949393, email:


Riding a skidoo is as simple as exciting. You can rent it to live an unforgettable trip surrounded by nature, surrounded by white snow.
A spectacle that awaits you in the night, accompanied by expert instructors. And for the small fans, mini-snowmobiles to try a location easy and secure,
dedicated to them.
For snowmobiles, data and information by:
Skidoo Breuil-Cervinia. Tel +39 0166 940 127 - Cell +39335565 06 35