The portal of Cervinia, Valtournenche
Antey and Torgnon!


The town spreads out in the beautiful sunny terrace, overlooking the valley, among vast meadows and pine forests.
The main economy income in Valtournenche is certainly the tourism, particularly that related to winter sports, especially skiing. Its development is linked to the
history of mountaineering and began towards the end of last century with the opening of the mainroad; previously, however, researchers and mountaineers reach the
town on foot or by donkey. Beginning in the seventies, also Valtournenche saw its tourism economy development , previously linked only to that of the village of
Breuil-Cervinia. In 1974, in fact, with the inauguration of 4-seater chairlifts Valtournenche-Salette, skiers began to appreciate as a tourist destination.
In 1997, the old 4-seater chairlifts Valtournenche-Salette was replaced by a modern cable car with
12 seats, with later started the first artificial snow plant.
In 2006 most of the old lift was dismantled to make way for modern chairlifts Motta, and Col Du Bec Carré.
Was also enhanced artificial snow plant systems, which in 2008 was also extended to Gran Pista, allowing the return to Valtournenche by ski in case of low snow.
Nowadays the ski area has 45 km of trails and it is also connected to Breuil-Cervinia, which can be accessed and returned from skis on.