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Summer Sport


If the high trails, the large balcony, the tour of Monte Rosa and the Cervino are part of the history of this land, equally beautiful and fascinating are the many paths
that radial "open" from the ski lifts of Gran Becca (All marked with a degree of difficulty and time involved). With "close encounters" with chamois, ibex, marmots and eagles up there in the blue sky. The tinkling of bells announcing instead the presence of cows with rhododendrons and edelweiss to compose a unique
puzzle. Like its mountain the Cervino!
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Horse Riding

New emotions experienced riders and novices: the horse trekking
"... This world would collapse the day does not bring about more a knight ..." The provision of Michelet is perhaps a bit 'catastrophes, but, of course, trekking on horseback is now a very widespread and growing, shelter, then, from ... apocalyptic predictions. Horseback riding is an activity that in the past was not so much a hobby as an opportunity for locomotion, most of the time you rode at a gallop, and as we remember the westerns, the old coach swept away the sand " desert at full speed. Today is also pleased to equestrian to go slow. A day of travel on horseback is, on average, half an hour, forty minutes by car, moving slowly and allows greater appreciation of the environment and details: horseback riding becomes one of the best ways to enjoy nature without disturbing it . For this activity, in the Aosta Valley are numerous specialized centers riding.


Born in Scotland in the fifteenth century, the "modern" version of a no longer elite sport.
"Golf is a game whose aim is to launch a ball into a tiny hole even smaller, with tools singularly ill-designed for the purpose" ... commented on the Golf Sir Winston
The 18-hole green awaits you in Breuil-Cervinia to play the wonderful golf at the foot of the "noble rock". The first in Valle d 'Aosta and the highest in Italy:
do not forget, for your holiday, the.. "tools of the game!


Adventures and emotions of the beautiful scenery of the Aosta Valley Water
From April to September, sparkling mountain streams will stage spectacular sports: canoeing, kayaking, rafting enthusiasts offer exciting moments, including rapid and natural slides.
The kayak, usually polyethylene impact resistant material, is used while sitting in the cockpit and closed the space between the person and the cockpit with the splash, why not enter the water. The kayak river, Keel with rounded handle and is suitable for rapid and precise maneuvers in short spaces.
The Canadian canoe boat is solid, stable, suitable for carrying more people.
The characteristic that distinguishes it immediately from kayaking is the use of a single blade paddle. This enables a powerful thrust, but asymmetrical, so, usually, the Canadian was pushed by two or more rowers, who must be well rehearsed.
The Canadian kayak is slower, because more stable but more comfortable, being generally open, is less suited to deal with waves and challenging rapids.
Best known is the rafting, which is the descent of a watercourse on board inflatable boats of various sizes.
Specialized guides are available to start for beginners or enthusiasts accompany programs with different difficulty and length, there are also courses specifically designed for kids.
Hydrospeed govern more like canyoning, use instead a kind of tablet with which they deal, free body, the waters of rivers and streams.

Mountain Bike

Since summer 2010, Breuil-Cervinia has important news about the world of two wheels: the inauguration of two mountain bike downhill tracks.
The resort, which hosted for 6 consecutive years the international competition downhill of mountain-bike called "Maxiavalanche, decided it was time to devote himself heart and soul to this sport that promises great excitement to everybody.
The longest, which presents itself as the flagship, will start from 2900 meters of Cime Bianche lakes to reach, after an interminable serpent, the cable car to Breuil-Cervinia. Along the way, the track is equipped with a lot of maintenance and treated wood walkways, to maintain as much as possible the typical characteristics of the land crossed, allowing the bikers to enjoy that of breathtaking scenery. To also preserve the presence of natural barriers that characterize the area of absolute "mountain."
The second route, defined "free ride" will stretch on a path known to the general population of visitors to Cervinia, as "maxiavalanche" as is achieved by exploiting the known race track, Working the land in different places of the mythical downhill track, descent riding on mountain bikes is so smooth and brisk.
A particularly close connection, will be devoted to the signs of the slopes, with the creation of separate sheets at the start of the traces, which will be indicating the key aspects, to ensure users of the paths a degree of security.

Percorso 1: Plan maison-Breuil Cervinia

  1. Lunghezza: 2300 mt circa
  2. Dislivello negativo:450 mt
  3. Livello tecnico: rosso
  4. Tempo di risalita con gli impianti (max): 15 minuti
  5. Punto lavaggio: adiacente alle funivie

Percorso 2: Cime Bianche laghi-Breuil Cervinia

  1. Lunghezza: 7000 mt circa
  2. Dislivello negativo: 781 mt
  3. Livello tecnico:rosso
  4. Tempo di risalita con gli impianti (max): 25 minuti

Punti di lavaggio biciclette

  1. N°2. in Località bardoney e presso lo stabile della funivia

Assistenza noleggio e ricambi:

  1. N°2. a Breuil-Cervinia.

UAINOT: tel 0166/940231
CERVINIA 2001: tel 0166/948713


Suggestions of sport fishing in lakes and mountain streams
From Dora Baltea flowing along the central valley, the clear streams that flow into valleys, up to alpine lakes, the panorama offered to fans of sport fishing is very varied. The "Regional Consortium for the protection, enhancement and fishing activities is published each calendar year fish, with all relevant information for fishermen permission and release points, times and days when fishing is permitted , list of reserves and winter tourism, tools, techniques and baits are allowed. On a special map also indicates all the lakes and streams in the region where you can fish and fishing related schemes. In addition to "open water", lists the fish stocks directly managed by the consortium, private ones and those treated by "Riverains. The "riverain is a private operator who manages and promotes the river and fishing. Fishermen are accompanied by the riverain areas of fisheries, in collaboration with the tourism industry, is also involved in organization of hospitality and entertainment for families and carers. These areas are mostly no-kill system, with mandatory release of fish, and precise rules such as: use single barbless hooks (the small ledge below the tip of the hook), wet your hands before touching the fish to release, hold the fish as possible.

Air Sport

The atavistic dream of flying. 3500 meters, including the Matterhorn, Gran Paradiso and Mont Blanc.
Several years from now, flying have increased dramatically. The Parachuting activities in the past prerogative of the military is now widespread.
Similarly, perhaps even more significantly, increased practitioners paragliding. Underlying this distribution are the morphology of the Valle d'Aosta and the advent of new technologies today offer even tandem gear. Integrate these activities the glider, the motor hang gliding and the spectacular, colorful balloons. The airport of Aosta "Corrado Gex", located 2 km from the city, is home to Aero Club Valle d'Aosta.
Antey-Saint-André, common on the road to Cervinia, is, however, the main logistic center Paragliding in Valle d'Aosta, where you can fly all year round, weather permitting.